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LIFTI (Laboratory of Innovative Land and Territorial Initiatives) is a french “fonds de dotation” (similar to a foundation, to a endowment fund) created on December 31, 2016. This presentation provides the main information on the activity of LIFTI and its members (last page below).


Full information below to start 2018 with LIFTI

On November 24, the LIFTI Board of Directors met in the morning and the LIFTI partners met in the afternoon. These two meetings made it possible to review the results of actions undertaken by LIFTI in 2017 and to present the program and the budget adopted for 2018. This is reported below.

LIFTI : Activity report for 2017, program for 2018

Welcoming new partners

  • Alexandre Coulondre, chercheur au Labex Futurs Urbains (Lab’Urba) de l’Université Paris-Est Marne-La-Vallée au sein du Comité scientifique de LIFTI.
  • CM-CIC Aménagement Foncier, dont le siège est à Strasbourg-67000, représentée par son Directeur Général ,Emmanuel Hermsdorff, au sein du Comité des Partenaires-Donateurs
  • ENVIRO-CONSEIL-Travaux ECT, dont le siège est à Villeneuve sous Dammartin-77230, représentée par son Président, Laurent Mogno, au sein du Comité des Partenaires-Donateurs
  • Crédit Foncier Immobilier, dont le siège est à Paris, représentée par Eric Lucia, Directeur du développement, , au sein du Cluster Open data du Foncier
  • KHIPLUS Management, dont le siège est à Paris, représentée par Christine Kaszynski, Présidente, au sein du Cluster Open data du Foncier
  • SOGEFI Ingénierie Géomatique, dont le siège est à Moissac-82200, représentée par Mathilde de Sulzer Wart, Gérante, , au sein du Cluster Open data du Foncier
  • BATIR TECHNOLOGIES, dont le siège est à Paris, représentée par Michel Korsakoff, Gérant, , au sein du Cluster Open data du Foncier
  • HBS RESEARCH, domiciliée 15 quai du Président Paul Doumer à Courbevoie- 92400,représentée par Thomas Soares, associé fondateur, au sein du Cluster Open Data du foncier.


Activity report for 2017

(LIFTI was founded on 2016, December the 31th)

Setting up an organization

Three boards (February 1st, March 31st and May 31st) made this program a reality and implemented it in an operational manner. The organization is :

  • Complementary to the College of 5 founding members, which is statutory, the Scientific Committee gathers 13 personalities, mobilizing their skills in the service of projects supported by LIFTI.
  • The College of Donor Partners, which today gathers 11 companies and professional associations.
  • The Open Data for Land Project Committee, including its Task Force, gather 8 experts in data from public local structures and a Cluster of a dozen data engineering companies and urban design offices.
  • The project committee “reclamation of derelicted lands” mobilizes nearly 60 partners distributed in 5 working groups. We have also to mention the project partnerships that are being formed with the Orée association, the foundation for Biodiversity Research, the University of Paris-Est…..

Setting up a communication

As early as the prefiguration phase, LIFTI had a website that allowed him to communicate about his purpose and his ambitions. Its newsletter is addressed today to more than 340 subscribers. And, the partnership with Business Immo made it possible to produce, this summer, a special issue of the Etudes Foncières review dedicated to LIFTI and widely distributed in the fields of planning and development.

LIFTI has also been a partner of the Foundation for Biodiversity Research in the production of a series of videos presenting the challenges of land protection. Also the interventions of the LIFTI animators in the colloquiums, seminars and conferences also made it possible to make known our project.

Financing the first projects

The following actions have been initiated:

  • Fundin for early December.(*) : in French “demande de valeurs foncières” for DVF. DVF is a database of the Ministry of Finance on real estate and land transfers. The DVF guide is a methodological guide for using this data. It is produced by the GnDVF (national association of local public partners)
  • Financing on the territory of Bordeaux Métropole, of an experimental study on the constitution of micro-real estate markets whose conclusions has been presented on November 24 afternoon by Alexandre Coulondre.
  • Funding for a comparative international study conducted by Claire Juilliard on the impact of digital on the production and dissemination of real estate and land data : an interim report will be available before the end of the year 2017. The study will continue in 2018.
  • The commitment of multi-year participatory funding to the Orée association (association of actors and scientists in the biodiversity field) as part of a thesis on the territorial governance of the preservation of biodiversity. The first financing will be mobilized at the beginning of 2018.
  • Also, our public land policy proposals for the 2017/2021 period were sent in early September to six Ministers directly concerned. To consult the letters: www.lifti.org
  • g for the transfer of the DVF(*) Guide site and creation of a site for the DVF National Group: reception of the site is planned


Program and budget for 2018

Land Open Data

The main subject for LIFTI in 2018 in this field will be the good access to quality land data, geo-referenced, allowing interoperability with any other territorializable data. To do this and in parallel with the lobbying actions that will have to be carried out LIFTI will continue:

  • Its support to the GN DVF ; the revitalization of its territorial network ; the mobilization by the local authorities ; the free access to DVF data to allow the continuation of experimentation on researches about the segmentation of the markets and the organization of micromarkets and real estate appraisasl (in close liaison with member companies of the LIFTI Open Data Cluster).
  • the structuring of this Cluster of companies and the animation of the 4 working groups that were decided at the meeting of September 26th, namely: 1- the constitution of a strategic reference of the land data around the triptych Property / use / value, 2- the modalities of interoperability of land and real estate data with other data, 3- the territorialization of land and real estate markets, 4- the exploration of potential uses of land data in all possible areas.
  • the continuation of the study on international comparisons of the impact of digital on the production, management and dissemination of real estate data initiated by Claire Juillard.

Inadequate availability of DVF data

LIFTI claims free access to quality data

Mail sent by Marc Kaszynski to the Prime Minister: www.lifti.org ;

Mail sent by Marc Kaszynski to Henri Verdier, General Data Administrator: www.lifti.org

In addition, group 4 of the open data cluster (exploration of potential uses of land data in all possible areas) is invited to meet as soon as possible in order to support arguments relating to high added value. potential for DVF data to interoperate with other data.


Reclamation of derelicted land

  • By 2017 was the setting up of 3 working groups around the following themes: 1- inventories of wastelands, 2- the economic model of recycling the wastelands, integrating the problems of depollution , 3- the legal status of wastelands and tax issues that were attached to them. This work will be continued in 2018.
  • It is proposed to set up a 4th working group devoted to « third-party uses » (new uses with new actors) of brownfields. In a complementary way, a territorial experimentation around the mobilization of the local actors for the valorization of a heritage of wastelands will be put in place in 2018.
  • In the same way, the partnership with the Biodiversity Research Foundation-FRB highlighted the concern for the quality of soils and the competitions for possible uses between renewable energies and biodiversity. As a continuation of the work undertaken with the association ORÉE and Humanité and Biodiversité we propose to set a 5th working group about wasteland and environment.


Presentation by Lucien Bollotte, coordinator of the « recycle wasteland », of the working groups in 2017 and 2018 :

Click to access to the presentation (in french) : www.lifti.org


Preparation of the National Assizes of Land and Territories

  • The reinstatement of the National Assizes of Land and Territories as a privileged moment for meetings of actors. In their who diversity, they contribute to fedd knowledge of land management question, uses od lands, consumption of land, ecological protection of land, mutations and more global their regulation. These questions are b shared by Business Immo, the editor of the magazine Etudes Foncières, and by LIFTI
  • It is therefore proposed to the Board of LIFTI to set up, in liaison with Business Immo, a working group group to prepare the Assizes. They will be held in 2019.


« The contribution of DVF data in the study of real estate micromarkets »

Alexandre Coulondre, researcher at Labex Futurs Urbains (Lab’Urba) at the University of Paris-Est Marne La Vallée presented the results of the study during the “afternoon of LIFTI partners” on November 24th.

Click here to access to the presentation (in French) : http://lifti.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/COULONDRE-LIFTI-BM-DVF-et-les-micro-marchés-du-logement.pdf


LIFTI’ members at décembre 2017 the 1st


  • Marc Kaszynski, président du GT Sites et Sols Pollués du CSPRT, président de LIFTI,


  • Frédéric Roussel, directeur général de l’Association Notariale de Caution ,trésorier de LIFTI, frederic.roussel@notaires.fr
  • Frédéric Lévy, avocat DS Avocats ,Vice-président de LIFTI, levy@dsavocats.com
  • Philippe Rémignon, directeur général de Vilogia, philippe.remignon@vilogia.fr
  • Nicolas Georges, président de PREAM, ngeorges@pream.fr

Dominique Frugier,conseiller auprès du président de LIFTI,,dominique.frugier@wanadoo.fr


  • Lucien Bollotte, ingénieur général des ponts, des eaux et des forêts honoraire, secrétaire de LIFTI et coordonateur du Comité de Projet RECYCLER les friches, lucien.bollotte@orange.fr
  • Bernard Chevassus-au-Louis, président d’Humanité et Biodiversité, bernard.chevassus@humanite-biodiversite.fr
  • Isidro Perez Mas, expert en évaluation immobilière, i.perez-mas@ipfec.net
  • Bénédicte Crozon, directeur général adjoint de Villes & Projets, Nexity, bcrozon@nexity.fr
  • Jean-Louis Fournier, coordonnateur du Groupe national DVF, jlfournier@bordeaux-metropole.fr
  • Francis Garrido, directeur Adjoint de la Direction Eau, Environnement et Ecotechnologies du BRGM, f.garrido@brgm.fr
  • Michel Huyghe, expert en évaluation immobilière, m.huyghe@orange.net
  • Nicolas Jacquet, président de REALISTA RESIDENCES Préfet ER, nicolas.jacquet@advenis.com
  • Isabelle Menu, architecte urbaniste, imenu@saisonmenu-architectes.com
  • Dominique Oudot-Saintgery, Réseau National des Aménageurs, dosg2017@gmail.com
  • Patricia Savin, avocate, présidente d’OREE, savin@dsavocats.com
  • Jean-Louis Subileau, urbaniste, jl.subileau@fabriqueville.fr
  • Alexandre Coulondre, chercheur au Labex Futurs Urbains (Lab’Urba) de l’université de Paris-Est – Marne la Vallée, alexandre.coulondre@gmail.com


  • Olivier Barge, vice-président de PROLOGIS, obarge@prologis.com
  • Pascal Brostin, directeur général de Systra Foncier, pbrostin@systrafoncier.com.
  • Christian Cucchiarini, directeur des affaires institutionnelles et juridiques d’EGF BTP, cucchiarini@egfbtp.com.
  • Christel de la Hougue, déléguée générale de l’UPDS, cdelahougue@upds.org.
  • Alexis Rouque, délégué général deFPIFrance, a.rouque@fpifrance.fr
  • Claude Samson, président d’AFILOG, claude.samson@afilog.org
  • Emmanuel Hermsdorff, directeur général de CM-CIC Aménagement foncier, emmanuel.hermsdorff@cmcix-immobilier.fr
  • Laurent Mogno, président, ENVIRO-CONSEIL Travaux, lmogno@groupe-ect.com

Partners of the cluster « OPEN DATA DU FONCIER »

  • LaurentEscobar, directeur associé d’ADEQUATION, , coordonnateur du cluster,
  • escobar@adequation-france.com
  • Laurent Nicouleau, directeur associé d’EXPLORE,laurent.nicouleau@explore.fr
  • Jean-Marc Bienvenu, président de MGDIS, bienvenustave@gmail.com
  • Eric Lucia, directeur du développement Groupe CREDIT FONCIER IMMOBILIER, eric.lucia@creditfoncierimmobilier.fr
  • Christine Kaszynski, présidente de KHIPLUS MANAGEMENT, ck@khiplus.fr
  • Mathilde de Sulzer-Wart, associée gérante de SOGEFI INGENIERIE GEOMATIQUE,
  • msw@sogefi-sig.com
  • Michel Korsakoff, associé fondateur de BATIR TECHNOLOGIES, michel.korsakoff@batir.com
  • Thomas Soares,associé fondateur de HBS RESEARCH, tsoares@hbs-research.com


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